Light up Da Nang International Terminal

Feb 11, 2021


The old year has passed with fluctuations and global difficulties caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Air transport industry was crowded in the sky, now thousands of planes have to pitch and stop operating. The picture of Danang International Passenger Terminal also gradually turned to a gloomy gray color. The Terminal must try to cope with the general difficulties of the world.

Although commercial flights have stopped operating at Da Nang International Terminal since March 2020, Da Nang International Passenger Terminal has always performed well social responsibility, coordinating in serving rescue flights and supporting experts to work.



December 2020, Da Nang International Airport was granted the International Medical Standard Accreditation Certificate (AHA) valid for 12 months from the date of issue. With this AHA certification, Da Nang International Terminal's efforts are recognized to meet epidemic safety standards in operations and comprehensive resource readiness to serve international routes will be reopened in the near future.


Another spring is coming, trees will change new buds, people will light up new hopes at the moment of entering a new year 202, promising signs of recovery in the health and economy of the world, all staff of AHT Company with strong spirit and determination will together light up the Da Nang International Terminal to say goodbye to the bad luck of the old year and welcome the hopes for the new year 2021 with the wish that our Terminal will be lit up regularly this year.

And now, let us look at the images of the Terminal that were lit up in this meaningful sacred moment.





AHT Company wishes everyone a peaceful, warm and healthy new year.