Baby care rooms are available and can easily be found in most restroom areas in the restricted area of the terminal.

The visa on arrival office is prominently located on the ground floor of the terminal, before immigration. View map. Don't forget to get an Approved Letter by Vietnam Immigration Department before you travel to Vietnam.

The CIP Orchid Lounge, located on the Mezzanine floor of the terminal, offer pay-per-use service. The Lounge service includes complimentary foods & drinks in form of a buffet, use of shower suits, iMacs, printer, massage chairs, newspapers, sleeping box and music box for you to enjoy yourself before the flight. Vouchers to the Lounge can be purchased at the reception hall of the Lounge at $22 per adult, $11 per child and free for infants. 

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Shuttle bus is not available since the distance between the two terminals is too short. You can easily walk between terminals on a covered walkway. It takes no more than 5 minutes. 

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When you arrive at the terminal and want to call a taxi, please reach the taxi pickup point (view map). There are taxi operators there to call and arrange taxis for you. All taxis operating at Da Nang international terminal are meter taxi. The price will be calculated based on the actual distance, so there is no need to bargain.

We provide free wifi for passengers throughout the terminal. The wifi name is AHT Terminal and no passwords are required.