Danang International Terminal Investment and Operation Company sponsored IT room for Hoa Vang High School

Sep 28, 2019

After a one – week conducting period, on September 28th, Hoa Vang Junior High School and Danang International Terminal Investment & Operation Joint Stock Company (AHT) hosted the Inauguration Ceremony for the IT room. Danang Vice-president of the People’s Committee – Mr. Le Trung Chinh also attended this event.

Mrs. Ho Thi Thu Thanh, Principal of Hoa Vang Junior High School, informed that on September 9th; Mr. Truong Quang Nghia – Member of the Party Central Committee, Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Leader of the National Assembly’s Delegates hosted a meeting with the School Management Board. Municipal Party Commitee Secretary had shared his concerns towards the school’s difficulties, encouraged staffs, teachers, labor force and students to do their best, extending the tradition of good teaching and studying, which has been affirmed for many years.

Concerning the expectations of teachers and students of the school regarding to the improvement of teaching and studying facilities; Municipal Party Committee Secretary had directly appealed to sponsor an IT room fully equipped with modern facilities to meet the requirement for teaching and apply information technology in the school. Therefore, Danang International Terminal Investment & Operation Joint Stock Company had provided a product package sponsorship in time with the total value of 600 millions VND, including 40 student’s computers, 1 teacher’s computer, 2 air conditioners, 1 projector and 1 interaction screen, along with uniform tables and chairs sets.

Mr. Do Trong Hau, Deputy General Manager of Danang International Terminal Investment & Operation Joint Stock Company (AHT) implied that with the social responsibilities for communities in the urban area; receiving concerns and requests of City’s Authorities, AHT had sponsored IT room, in order to share IT appliances with students from Hoa Vang Junior High School. Incidentally, AHT also hoped young students will continue to have passion, creativity and thereon achieve plenty goals in Information Technology aspect.

Making statement during the Inauguration Ceremony, Mr. Le Trung Chinh - Vice- President of Danang People’s Committee – stated that the IT room being brought into use was acknowledged by City’s Authorities, Municipal Party Committee Secretary in specific for school’s remarkable achievements in teaching and studying tasks. Having the new IT room, Vice President suggested that in the following period, teaches and students should exploit effecitiveness of it, make use of IT appliances, innovate teaching method to further improve education quality.

Also according to Vice President of Danang People’s Committee Mr. Le Trung Chinh, in the coming period, all authorities of Education would conduct and overall check-up on facilities of all schools, IT room to plan an investment project for equipments and facilities. Therefore, he wished that sponsors to continue supporting studying and faciliating encourament of the City.

Ms. Ho Thi Thu Thanh informed that Hoa Vang Junior High School was only 3.000 square meter, built in 1961 with 16 classrooms/2 shifts/day. Later, the school was fixed and improved many times into 3 blocks and 2 floors. Currently, the school absolutely has no yard and multi-functional building to teach Physical Education and National Defense Education. This is the most urgent issue of the school.

 “Previously, teachers and students have to learn Physical Education in the small road near Huong Duong Kindergarten, which is in the heavy-populated area with crowded transportation and people, hence safety is not ensured. After that, the school also has to borrow facilities from local schools and sporting units to teach the above 2 subjects”, Ms. Ho Thi Thu Thanh shared.

According to the conclusion of Municipal Party Committee Secretary Mr. Truong Quang Nghia at the meeting with Hoa Vang Junior High School’s Management Board on September 13th, in 2021, would begin construction for 2nd establishment at Khue Trung Ward, with the overall area of more than 23.000 square meter.

Mrs. Ho Thi Thu Thanh informed that during the waiting for the 2nd establishment to be constructed , Principal of Hoa Vang Junior High School had proposed an investment from the city for a new IT room with 40 computers (which is already done) and amend garage, refurnish Physics and Chemistry class rooms based on the current existance classrooms; amend and upgrade library. Simultaneously, school’s management board also hope to be created condition to conduct stable and lasting teaching for Physical Education and National Defense Education at Khue Trung’s Cultural Center.

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