Da Nang International Airport stopped broadcasting flight information from April 1st, 2020

Mar 02, 2020

In order to improve service quality and increase the value of aeronautical services to passengers, Da Nang International Airport has implemented the broadcasting reduction plan at Passenger Terminal T1 and T2 as follows:

- International Terminal - T2: from April 1st, 2020

- Domestic Terminal – T1: from May 1st, 2020

Accordingly, the Terminals will cut most of the conventional broadcast models and only remain two models:

- the final boarding call for passengers

- The call for solving the check-in baggages’ problems

Therefore, to receive accurate and timely flight information, passengers should track flight information on the flight information display system (FIDS) to arrive at the departure gate on time.

(FIDS screens are installed at various places in the Terminal for passengers to easily find flights information)

This is a common trend that is being applied by international airports around the world, bringing a quiet and relaxing space for passengers and see-off friends and families at the airport as well as building a modern and civilized airport image to reach international standards.