Airport Health Accreditation Certificate is extended for Da Nang International Airport by the Airports Council International (ACI)

Nov 26, 2021

At 01:00 a.m on November 26, 2021 (local time), Danang International Airport (DIA) was approved by the Airports Council International (ACI) to renew the Airport Health Accreditation certificate (AHA) from December 04th, 2021 to December 04th, 2022.

AHA certification of ACI is designed to help airports around the world demonstrate to passengers, the authorities and government that airports put health and safety of passengers on the top priority. All of this is demonstrated through the development of health safety measures and epidemic prevention control procedures implemented in all areas of airport operations, including cleaning and disinfection procedures, distance measures, employee health protection, arrangement of operating ground, communication with passengers, equipment for passengers with ​​the highest standards of the civil aviation industry and ensure safety against the Covid-19 pandemic during the operation.

As soon as receiving the AHA certification for the first time in December, 2020, Danang International Passenger Terminal has not only invested the equipment to improve safety against Covid-19 but also cooperated with Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) develops the procedures and regulations on health safety measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 pandemic in aviation industry. Mr. Luis Felipe de Oliveira, General Manager of ACI and Mr. Stefano Baronci, Director of ACI, in charge of Asia-Pacific area sent the congratulatory letter “Recognizing the great and continuous efforts of Danang International Airport in implementation of safety measures for all passengers, compliance with rehabilitation recommendations during Covid-19 pandemic of ICAO and guidelines about the Relaunch and Rehabilitation Business Activity Program of ACI”.

Danang International Passenger Terminal ensures health safety against Covid-19 epidemic in the operation

In order to keep receiving AHA certification, Danang International Airport has submitted legal documents, provide documents, operating procedures, pictures, answer surveys, perform online interviews of leading experts of ACI to demonstrate activities implementation and increase the application of Covid-19 prevention measures under the close supervision of ACI. In the context of Covid-19 pandemic is developing complicatedly around the world, The AHA renewal certification is not only a solid practical basis for the efforts of Danang International Airport in improving, investing in infrastructure, and providing safe passenger service quality, but also brings the important significance to the International Passenger Terminal is to gradually welcome international passengers, opening the hope of returning to the previous normal operation soon in the new normal period.

(AHT Sales Team)