Danang open new routes to Australia, Russia, India

Jan 16, 2020

In the morning of January 10, Da Nang International Airport representative said that in addition to maintain and develope current traditional routes, Da Nang International Airport will carry out the plan to expand to new market such as Australia, Russia, India, Japan ...

"The expansion of the market is an indispensable development and expansion to meet the needs of the tourism market, especially the international tourism market which is constantly being expanded. Mr. Le Xuan Tung, Director of Danang International Airport claim that it is the target to make Da Nang the main international aviation gateway in the Central region." 

Mr. Tung said, in 2019, Da Nang International Airport continued to maintain the growth rate of commercial transport output. The airport served nearly 99,000 safe flights, with 15.5 million passengers through the station, transporting about 40 thousand tons of parcel cargo.

In 2019, Da Nang International Airport welcomed 5 more international airlines and 1 domestic airline opening flight routes with 20 new routes. Up to recent, Da Nang International Airport has served 5 domestic airlines with 10 domestic destinations and 33 airlines operating international routes, connecting 48 destinations of 11 countries.

According to Mr. Tung,  also in 2019, World Airlines and Aiport rating oganization – SKYTRAX Da Nang International Airport rated 3 plus for Danang Domestic Terminal and 4-star standard star plus for T2 passenger terminal this evaluation creates motivation for Danang Itn’l Aiport to strive to become a modern, friendly international passenger gateway.

Source: https://www.baogiaothong.vn