APEC 2017: "Great organization, practical topic"

Aug 19, 2018

"Regarding the organization, Vietnam has done everything so that we can work comfortably, creating a favorable atmosphere," Putin said at a news meeting after the conference ended. According to the Kremlin website, Putin also emphasized the realistic of the topics discussed at the conference. The Russian leader said that the issue of digital economy that Vietnam raised at the conference was a practical and important issue. President Putin also praised the effect of the meeting and said that the Vietnamese host had done everything to make the conference run smoothly. The conference has great significance in promoting regional cooperation.


At the APEC 2017 Summit, President of the Republic of Chile Michelle Bachelet Jeria said that Vietnam always shows great organization not only in infrastructure but also in quality of programs and quality of delegate. This is one of the great successes, showing interest in APEC, to Vietnam as well as the host organization's ability. "Vietnam plays an important role in promoting the implementation of important issues and in this regard, we fully share with Vietnam the priorities of the APEC 2017 Agenda." - President Michelle Bachelet Jeria commented with the Vietnam News Agency.

Singaporean Prime Minister Ly Hien Long acknowledged Vietnam's efforts in disaster recovery activities of Hurricane Damrey meanwhile preparation for the APEC summit. "Apart from preparing for the APEC Summit and welcoming guests, Vietnamese authorities will also carry out search, rescue work and clean up after the storm," he said. 

Financial Times (UK) is also impressed with the preparation of Vietnam when reporting that Danang has invested a new international airport terminal, millions of dollars to renovate the road system, travel services for more than 10,000 people attending APEC.

Apart from the main content of the conference, the APEC 2017 costume for leaders at the conference also attracted much attention of international media. The Independent (UK) is concerned about the fact that US President Donald Trump temporarily dropped his black tie and tie to wear a silk shirt at the 10/11 dinner reception.


[Source: nld.com.vn]