Flight status information

Flight status information

Stay informed of your flight status with real-time updates on the screens located at the departure hall - 2nd floor or through the terminal's website:
• Departure flight (more)
• Arrival flight (more)

The Airlines Contact
The Airline Information page includes ground handlers’ contact information for specific airlines.

Airlines Lost and Found / Baggage Enquiries

If you have questions about lost items on your flight or any issues on luggage, please follow these steps:
Step 01: Check airline information and corresponding ground handling services
Step 02: Contact the lost and found center of the ground handling service companies:
• Website: https://www.viags.vn/en-US/lost-baggage
• Tel: +84972252739
• Email: lfdad@viags.vn
• Website: https://sags.vn/contact-us.html
• Tel: +84916253675
• Email: manageronduty-dad@sags.vn
BL (Pacific Airlines)
• Website: https://www.pacificairlines.com/vn/vi/ho-tro/lien-he/
• Tel: 1900 1550


Other Enquiries

Please contact us via email or call our 24-hour hotline if you need further assistance or information.
• Email: info@ahtcorp.vn
• Contact Number: +84 905 796 797

Please note that your personal feedback data may be shared with other relevant third parties —to enable them to follow up and reply to you directly on your feedback.

Find answer on the FAQs pages. for frequently asked questions about airport procedure, facilities and services and so on.

Feedback and suggestions
If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can enhance your experience at Da Nang International Terminal, please let us know here

Raising concerns
If you have reason to believe that a Da Nang International Terminal (DIT) employee, or anyone acting on behalf of DIT has engaged in illegal or otherwise improper conduct, you should promptly report the matter via hotline or email bellow:
• Email: info@ahtcorp.vn
• Contact Number: +84 905 796 797

For matters relating to customer enquiries, complaints and compliments, please refer to Feedback and suggestions.