Aviation companies prevention of pneumonia caused by Coronavirus

Feb 01, 2020

Mr. Do Trong Hau - Deputy General Director of Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation Joint Stock Company (AHT) claimed that since January 25th, the company had specific plans to prevent corona virus. Accordingly, the unit in collaboration with the business enterprises to purchase more than 50,000 medical masks and coordinated with TASECO Company to provide free to passengers regularly. The unit has also ordered manufacturer to produce more than 50,000 medical masks to continue distribute free to passengers in the future. In addition, the unit has also proactively provided funding to the quarantine agency to increase the frequency of spraying epidemic preventive medicine, and put more hand sanitiser alcohol at many locations inside the terminal.

(The company provides free masks for passengers)

Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation Joint Stock Company also actively and regularly cooperates to seriously implement the guidance of the Committee of Prevention of Disease at Da Nang International Airport.

Regarding to flights from China, the station has its own dedicated channel. Instead of landing at the near yard, the aircraft will be allowed to park at the distant yard, moving in by car to divert passengers.

(Passengers are measured body temperature)

“Passengers will have body temperature measured in the first place and will also disinfect and deliver medical masks. Passengers in normal health condition will continue to do entry procedures and other customs procedures. In case of signs of fever, passengers are taken to a separate isolation room to ensure environment, disinfection and temperature. There will be a special monitoring team, then the medical quarantine agency will be responsible for monitoring those passengers ”.

According to Mr. Hau, there will be initial responses, then combined with the exploitation line of the City Health Department. If passengers still have a fever, they will be moved to Danang Hospital for isolation and follow-up.

In addition to the isolation room at T2 terminal with a capacity of less than 40 people, Da Nang International Airport has also planned to reserve an isolation room at T1 terminal when the number of passengers with fever has increased.

 (Hand sanitiser alcohol also provided at the Terminal)

The terminal is a closed and contagious environment, so the disinfection work is conducted very drastically every day. For the employees working in the station, the body temperature is checked before starting the work, both to ensure safety for employees and to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Mr. Hau also said that the prevention of corona virus at Da Nang International Airport was highly appreciated by leaders in actively responding, creating psychological peace of mind for passengers going to Danang.

 (Source: https://dantri.com.vn)