Check-In & Baggage Drop


1. How to reach the check-in hall

The check-in hall is located on the second floor, you can reach there from the elevated roadway or by walking upstair through the car park link.

Check-In Counters 1-27

Check-In Counters 28-54

2. Find your check-in counter

When you arrive at Check-in Hall, refer to the Flight Information Display Screens for your airline's check-in counter information.

3. Present your travel documents

Present your travel documents (valid passport, air ticket or booking confirmation, and visa if applicable) to the check-in agent and drop your checked baggage, if any. 

Don’t forget to check that you are issued with the correct boarding passes before leaving the check-in counter.


The carry-on items are highly restricted in terms of items and liquids, so we suggest you take your valuables, handbags, fragile and personal items in your carry-on while leaving all other contents in your checked baggage.


If you have items that need to be declared at customs, you must visit the Customs Declaration office right before the Departure Immigration counters, on the left.


As requirements for baggage vary by airline, do check with your airline representative or the ground handling agent for more detailed information.

Departure Immigration

1. Wait behind the line in front of the departure immigration

2. If you are wearing a hat or sunglasses, please take them off

3. Present your boarding pass and valid passport

4. Obtain departure confirmation on the passport, take it back and pass through immigration



You are required to undergo security screening process as follows:

1. Prepare your passport and boarding pass for inspection

2. Place your hand-carried luggage onto the conveyor belt

3. Remove your outer wear (e.g. jacket, sweater, coat), hat and high-cut footwear and put in trays together with other carry-on items

4. Proceed through the walkthrough metal detectors. Please note that you may be subject to an enhanced security screening process, if required.


The following items can neither be carried on nor checked:


(E.g. Hand grenade, dynamite, chemicals, smoke bomb fireworks, flares or toy gun caps)

Flammable Items

(E.g. Matches, lighters, butane gas, gasoline, paints, drinks containing 70% or more alcohol by volume etc.)

Radioactive · Infectious · Toxic Substance

(E.g. Chlorine, bleach, oxidizers, mercury, drain cleaners, toxic substances, radioactive materials, contagious or biological hazards etc.)

Other Dangerous Items

(Fire extinguishers, Dry Ice, Tear gas etc.)

Firearms and related components including replicas and toys

(E.g. Ammunition, stun gun, toy guns, “nunchaku”, combative weapons, concealed weapons)

Sports and hobby equipment

(E.g. Racket including tennis racket, inline skate, skateboard, hiking stick, deflated balls including baseball, tripod)


(E.g. Ax, hammer, nail gun, saw, awl, drill. scissors, screwdriver, drill lead, wrench, spanner, nippers, stock prods etc.)


Liquids, aerosols & gels must be in containers with maximum capacity of 100ml or less, otherwise shall be rejected even if containers are partially filled.


Containers (not exceeding 1-litre in total) must be placed in a transparent re-sealable and completely closed plastic bag.


Exemptions can be made for baby food provided that an infant is traveling with you. Exemptions can also be made for special dietary items and medication accompanied with an original letter from certified medical practitioners. These items may be subjected to additional checks at the security screening point.



Passengers carrying cash with amount exceeding either VND 15,000,000 or USD 5,000 or equivalent must declare to Customs Foreign Currency Report Desk.


For more detailed information, please check



You are eligible for a VAT refund if:

1. You are a foreigner not holding a Vietnamese passport;

2. You are not crew member on flights from Viet Nam to other countries;

3. Your purchase is made at an eligible VAT refund shop in Vietnam;

4. Your purchase is accompanied with you on board.


1. Choosing a shop

If you are thinking about shopping VAT-free, please make sure that the store where you make a purchase is a part of the VAT refund program

2. Purchase your items

The minimum purchase amount eligible for a tax refund is 2,000,000 VND.

3. Request VAT refund documents

After purchasing your items, present your passport to request the necessary VAT refund documents including the invoice and declaration form for VAT refund issued within 30 days prior to departure date.


Please keep the documents and the receipts until your departure and note that incomplete documents may deny your VAT refund eligibility.

4. Get accepted by Customs

Before check-in, present your passport, original invoice, VAT refund declaration form and your purchased items at the Customs office for VAT refund custom inspection (view map) to obtain the customs acceptance stamp.

5. VAT refund

Check in, go through immigration and customs to enter the restricted area on the second floor where the Tax refund counter is located.


At the VAT refund counter, present your passport, boarding pass, invoice and stamped VAT refund declaration form to get a refund, which is subject to a service charge at maximum 15% of the refund value.


The default refund currency is Vietnam Dong. If you want to get a refund in other currencies, the current exchange rate of the bank authorized to operate the VAT refund counter will be applied.


For more information, visit the website of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

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Depature Lounges and Boarding

Departure Lounges and Boarding

Boarding Gates Area

Boarding Gates number 1, 2, 3 are at the right hand side of Terminal (from security check point) – South end. Boarding Gates number 4,5,6,7 are located in the center of Terminal. Boarding Gates number from 8,9,10 are at the left hand side of Terminal (from security check point) – North end. Details of boarding gates are shown on Terminal layout. Passenger check Boarding gate on boarding pass. Passenger present boarding pass and personal documents for ground handling staff for boarding.

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