Top 10+ Da Nang Festivals And Cultural Events Throughout The Year

Jan 18, 2023

Da Nang is a destination that has something for everyone, offering a diverse range of experiences, from peaceful and serene moments to lively and exciting celebrations. In addition to its breathtaking landscapes and delicious cuisine, Da Nang’s festivals and cultural events are also an unmissable part of the city's charm.  

So, if you are planning your upcoming trip, do not miss out on our selection of the Top 10+ Da Nang events, holidays, and festivals below. Are you ready to explore? Let the excitement begin!

Top 5 Da Nang festivals and cultural events during the New Year season

1. Da Nang Boat Racing Festival

  • Date: Lunar January - the first month of the lunar calendar, which is a traditional calendar system widely used in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. The exact dates of Lunar January vary from year to year, so it is important to check them beforehand.

  • Location: Han River, Lien Chieu District

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This renowned festival in Da Nang is considered one of the most vibrant and significant events, deeply rooted in the traditional customs of the coastal communities. According to local belief, it is a form of prayer for prosperity and favorable weather for the upcoming year. This festival is held annually, attracting participation from many nearby provinces and cities like Hue, Quang Ngai, and Quang Nam.

Beyond its cultural and spiritual significance, the Da Nang Boat Racing Festival is also a competition among spirited people from different regions. With over 20 enthusiastic teams participating each year, showcasing their skill and teamwork in a fleet of visually striking dragon boats, the festival is one of the top local events that should not be missed to enjoy the new year’s atmosphere.

2. Hoa My Village Festival

  • Date: The 12th of Lunar January
  • Location: Hoa My Village, Hoa Minh, Lien Chieu District

The village festival is one of the unique parts of Da Nang culture during the new year, providing travelers with the opportunity to discover the customs and traditions of the locals. Hoa My Village Festival takes place annually in the early days of the Lunar New Year, celebrating the Vietnamese tradition of honoring their ancestors and reminding people of their roots. For the villagers, it is also a time to gather, reflect on the past year, and partake in rituals to seek blessings for a prosperous and secure new year.

After the ceremony concludes, the atmosphere will change from solemn to vibrant and exciting with a range of traditional games and activities. From tug-of-war and breaking clay pots to bai choi (a local traditional card game) and traditional singing and poetry competitions, visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in authentic experiences of local culture and spirit and create lasting memories of the Da Nang journey.

3. Tuy Loan Village Festival

  • Date: From the 9th to the 10th of January
  • Location: Tuy Loan Village, Hoa Phong, Hoa Vang District

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Unlike the Hoa My Village Festival, the Tuy Loan Village Festival holds a special significance as it celebrates its rich 500-year history and honors the ancestors who established the village. Alongside the ceremonial aspects, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the village's ancient architecture, including its temples and other notable structures.

The program begins with a solemn ceremony, followed by festive activities such as tug-of-war, martial arts demonstrations, and stick-pushing, which are rarely found in regular village festivals.

One thing you can't miss when visiting Tuy Loan village is enjoying its variant of Mi Quang, which has garnered popularity since 1950. In this festival, the Tuy Loan’s elders also share the story of Mi Quang origin, passing down their pride and values to the younger generation. If you are a fan of this specialty, don't miss the chance to visit Tuy Loan Village, especially this cultural event, during your upcoming trip to Da Nang.

4. An Hai Village Festival

  • Date: The 10th of August in the lunar calendar
  • Location: An Hai Village, An Hai Tay, Son Tra 

The An Hai Village Festival is an annual event held to honor and preserve the memory of their ancestors who fought to protect the coastal region, as well as express gratitude for their sacrifices. This ritual ceremony starts with the lead of the village chief, accompanied by a procession of flags carried by villagers.

What sets the An Hai Village Festival apart from other Da Nang festivals is its vibrant showcase of Tuong performances, the classical drama portraying the lives of the past. This provides a vivid and captivating opportunity to explore the unique culture of the Central Region.

5. Da Nang Music Festival 

  • Date: Monthly event
  • Location: Han River, East Sea Park

In contrast to the traditional festival mentioned earlier, this Da Nang event is specially held for modern music enthusiasts. Whether you're into EDM, instrumental performances, or street music, this festival has it all. The refreshing ambiance along the cool banks of the Han River, the warmly shared moments with friends and family, the lively rhythms and melodies as talented musicians and performers take the stage, all the experiences here are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

2 must-experience events for your Da Nang Culture Trip

If you want to explore Da Nang culture during your upcoming trip, below are the top 2 special events that best illustrate the rich tradition of this region:

1. Cau Ngu Festival - The annual event of Da Nang Fishermen

  • Date: From the 14th to the 16th of January (lunar calendar)
  • Location: Mieu Thuyen, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Thanh Khe Dong District

(Source: Internet)

This celebration is deeply rooted in the local fishing culture, highlighting the fishermen's religious beliefs and their reverence for the Whale God. Through this festival, they express gratitude to the Whale God and pray for a bountiful and prosperous fishing season.

As a visitor, you have the opportunity to engage in local traditional activities such as net weaving, paddling coracles (small round boats used by skilled fishermen for their daily quests at sea), and other fishing-related experiences that embrace the spirit of the sea as well as connect with the local community.

2. The Quan The Am Festival - A significant Da Nang event for Buddhist believers

  • Date: From the 19th to the 21st of February (lunar calendar)
  • Location: Quan The Am Pagoda

The Quan The Am Festival is a special occasion that draws Buddhist followers from near and far to Da Nang, seeking spiritual blessing and enlightenment. It also provides an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the spiritual and cultural heritage of Da Nang.

Add it to your Da Nang culture trip and mark the calendar. Believe us, it's worth a try!

Top 3 Da Nang events you shouldn’t miss

In addition to immersing yourself in the vibrant Da Nang culture, you can also indulge in plenty of exciting events during your stay. Here are the top three highly recommended non-cultural events that take place annually.

1. Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

  • Date: Summer
  • Location: Han River Port

Organized since 2003, the Fireworks Festival has always been the reason why summer becomes the peak tourist season in Da Nang. Attending this vibrant event, visitors will enjoy the spectacular fireworks display in the Han River scenery and indulge themselves in a world of incredible cuisine. The festival also offers a variety of activities such as exhibitions, lanterns, boat races, and more, making it a must-try experience when visiting Da Nang.

2. Da Nang Hot Air Balloon Festival

  • Date:  From the 27th of April to the 1st of May
  • Location: Pham Van Dong Park, High-Tech Zone, and Hoa Trung Lake

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This is a spectacular event where visitors can see hot air balloons float over the sky in all their bright colors. More than just a visual treat, it's also an opportunity to take beautiful photographs inside one of these wonderful balloons.

3. Festivals at Ba Na Hills

  • Date: From April to September
  • Location: Du Dome Square, French Village, Ba Na Hill

Ba Na Hills is always among the must-see destinations when traveling to Da Nang. Apart from the charming beauty of the French Village, it is also renowned for its distinctive carnival festivals. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet talented international dancers, immerse themselves in the dynamic beats, and participate in various activities that embrace the richness of European culture.

Unmissable festivals and events near Da Nang

1. The best festival in Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An ancient town is always among the best destinations for art-loving travelers. There are many artistic and cultural gems to explore, such as:

  • The Ancestor Worship Ceremony in Moc Kim Bong village, showcasing the exquisite woodworking skills of its elderly craftsmen
  • The Thanh Ha Pottery Village Festival, in which many renowned artisans assemble
  • The Floating Lantern Festival on the full moon night, where the sky is painted with the warming colors of the lanterns
  • Cau Bong Festival, honoring the pioneers who found the Tra Que Vegetable Village
  • Ca Ong Ceremony: a ceremony for the Guardian of Fishermen

2. The most popular events in Hue

As the former imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue is renowned for its distinctive cultural and historical heritage. Therefore, Hue's festival can be considered an echo of the past. When visiting Hue, you can enjoy many special events that remind people of the royal culture, such as the Royal Court Festivals of the Nguyen Dynasty, which take place predominantly during the spring and autumn seasons. Each festival encompasses different themes, providing a unique and immersive experience every time.

Additionally, the Hue Festival, the Lantern Festival, and the Village Wrestling Festival are other must-see events that serve as platforms for cultural exchange and expressions of hope for harmony and prosperity for the entire nation.

We hope that this article has helped you in some way with trip planning and preparation. May your upcoming journey be full of fascinating discoveries and exciting new experiences. We eagerly await your arrival in Da Nang. See you soon!