Social project: Beach Clean Up

May 13, 2023

In addition to elevating the passenger experience, we place a significant emphasis on local environmental preservation and community development. We firmly believe that a place that will attract tourism at first should be one where communities find joy in their surroundings. This conviction fuels our commitment to actively participating in various social projects aimed at protecting the timeless allure of our region.

On May 13th, AHT teamed up with a local partner to clean the beach of Quang Nam, a picturesque coastal province near Da Nang, as we know that the region’s beautiful beaches are always one of the top tourist destinations for the summer season. During this collaborative effort, our dedicated team worked diligently to remove litter and debris, helping to restore the natural beauty of the coastline. We believe that small actions like these can have a significant impact, and we are actively seeking new activities and initiatives to contribute to the environment and local development.

If you are looking for the summer gateway, look no further than Quang Nam, where the sandy shores are pristine, the ocean is crystal blue, the breeze is refreshing, and the warming sunshine is still pleasant. Everything is ready to welcome you and your family.

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