APEC 2017: US President Donald Trump arrives in Da Nang

Aug 19, 2018

At 12:20 am, Air Force One carried US President Donald Trump to land at Danang airport.

The Air Force One landed at Da Nang airport after landing at 12:20

US President Donald Trump first come to Vietnam

After APEC, Donald Trump will have an official visit to Hanoi

At 11:40 am, a plane carried the US State Department landing at Da Nang International Airport.
Meanwhile, the US Secret Service at the airport has started security mission and the dog to check.

Earlier that same day, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that he had left China and was coming to Vietnam to attend the APEC Summit, as well as an official visit to Hanoi.

US President Donald Trump on Air Force One leaves China to Vietnam on 11th November.

After Japan, South Korea and China, Vietnam is the next stop on President Donald Trump's from 3rd to 14th November Asia official visit. US President Donald Trump will speak at the APEC Business Summit on 10th November.

In this speech, the head of the White House will talk about "the American vision of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific is free and open, nited States.

After leaving Da Nang, President Donald Trump will arrive in Hanoi on 11th Nov, beginning his official visit to Vietnam. Here, Donald Trump will meet President Tran Dai Quang and other top leaders of Vietnam.