A Heartwarming Thank-You Letter

Jul 18, 2023

At Da Nang International Terminal, we understand that losing something valuable can be distressing, and that's why we have a dedicated team to assist passengers in finding and reclaiming their belongings. Recently, we received a thank-you letter from one of our passengers, expressing his gratitude for the service and care they experienced during their time at our terminal. Below is what makes us happy, knowing that our dedication is making a positive impact on our passengers' journeys: 

“No matter the time, day or night, when a passenger places their trust in us and seeks our support, we spare no effort”, said Mr. Phap.

Despite being recently established, the Passenger Assistant Team (PAT) at our terminal has consistently earned high appreciation from travelers for their enthusiasm, hospitable spirit, and dedication to supporting others. They are everywhere in our terminal, ready to lend a helping hand. When you find yourself in need of assistance, we are confident that their support will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

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