To and From Airport


Tour Coach

If you go to Danang through a tour operator, just follow your tour guide’s instructions. In case you get lost, you can find your tour coach just a short walk from the terminal.

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Taxis are available at the taxi stands just outside the Arrival Plaza.

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Fares are metered which vary between $3 and $5 for a 10-minute ride to the city center and a 15-minute ride to the seaside:

You may contact one of the following taxi operators:

Taxi Mai Linh – Tel: +84 0236.
Taxi Tien Sa – Tel: +84 0236.
VinaSun Green Taxi – Tel: +84 0236.
Airport Taxi – Tel: +84 0236.
Taxi Song Han – Tel: +84 0236.
Dana Taxi – Tel: +84 0236.3.815.815
Danang Taxi – Tel: +84 0236.


Motorcycle Taxi

Travelling by motorcycle taxis or xe om is a good way of exploring outside the city centre on a budget. Take a short walk to the domestic terminal (View map) you can easily find several next to its motorbike parking as shown in the map below.


If you want to go by bus, take the bus number 12, the nearest bus stop is approximately 8-min walk away from the Terminal, as shown in the map below. 


On Foot

In case you are in the mood for a walk, follow the route as shown in the map below. Approximately, it takes you over half an hour to reach Han River and more than one hour to arrive at the beach.



You can easily book a Grab car or Grab bike to go from airport. Download Grab app and choose a vehicle for your ride.



The parking lot for cars, motorbikes and bikes is located directly opposite the terminal building. There you can find a car park link to reach the check-in hall with a less-than-5-minute short walk.

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Features and benefits

  • Safe and secure, CCTV in operation
  • Open 24/7.
  • No maximum height restrictions
  • Automatic number plate recognition technology
  • Short and long stay parking options available

Payment methods

Your parking can be paid in different ways:

  1. Take entry card from parking staff and pay by cash at the parking booth on exit.
  2. If you go by car, stop at the entry booth for number plate scanning and pay at the barrier on exiting car park

1/ For car: 

Parking fee is caculated based on type of vehicle and acutal parking time, which is counted by automatic timing system.

- The 1st block is 1st 45 minutes

- Next 30 minutes is another 1 block

- Under 30 minutes is accounted as 1 block

Specific fee is as below:

  • 5 seat- car, truck <= 45 tons: free for the 1st 45 minute, for the next 30 minutes (block), it is 5000 VND/block.
  • Car > 5 seats - 45 seats, truck > 45 tons: free for the 1st 45 minute, for the next 30 minutes (block), it is 8000 VND/block.
  • Car > 15 seats - 30 seats, truck > 10 tons: free for the 1st 45 minute, for the next 30 minutes (block), it is 10.000 VND/block.
  • Car > 30 seats: free for the 1st 45 minute, for the next 30 minutes (block), it is 15.000 VND/block.

2/ For motorbikes, electric bikes and bicycle:

Parking fees for motorbikes and electric bikes are applied as follows:

  • 3000 VND/ 1st 4 hours
  • 1000 VND/ next 2 hours

Parking fee for bicycle is 1000 VND.

Transfer between Terminals

Passengers making a connection that requires a terminal change, will need to exit the arrivals hall and walk to the other terminal through a covered corridor.

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