The Da Nang International Terminal’s mascot, Helpy the Seagull and its stories

Oct 17, 2023

When stepping outside the Da Nang International Terminal’s door, you will be greeted by the relaxation and calm of the green areas, where you can take a short break while waiting for a bus or taxi. But that’s not all that awaits you in our terminal’s public area. One more thing that recently arrived here is the giant seagull wearing the iconic uniform of the terminal’s Passenger Assistant Team.

Aren’t you curious why? Let’s uncover all the stories behind this mascot.

Taking center stage in the arrival hall’s public area, a 3-meter-tall seagull has left a strong impression on every passerby with its warm and sweet presence. Just looking at it will make you feel welcomed in every sense. For many travelers, it also serves as a symbolic check-in point, marking the start of their exciting journey in this city of fanatics. 

More than just a decorative figure, the seagull mascot embodies the very essence of our terminal’s hospitality. Placed strategically in the public area, where the airport chapter concludes and the adventure beyond begins, this mascot aims to surprise passengers upon arrival and give them farewell with a touch of unexpected warmth.

And about his name, Helpy, it encapsulates two significant meanings. First, it reflects the helpful nature inherited from our Passenger Assistant Team, whose uniform it proudly wears. Second, it’s a play on ‘happy’, signifying its role as a joy and happiness bringer. 

Whether day or night, Helpy the Seagull is always here to help infuse your time with cheerful moments. Next time you visit our terminal, let’s not forget to capture some fun memories with this beloved avian friend.

See you soon in the arrival hall’s public area.