Jan 21, 2024

In preparation for the Lunar New Year, every team at Da Nang International Terminal joined hands to clean and tidy up the entire space. 

Pre-Tet cleaning culture

One of the essential parts of Vietnamese culture is the pre-Tet cleaning of homes and working spaces. It is a symbol of letting go of the old year's challenges, troubles, and negative energy in order to embrace the success and fortune of the new year.


As the Tet holiday approaches, our dedicated staff undertook a comprehensive cleansing on January 21, ensuring that our terminals are not only revitalized but also imbued with positive energy to welcome the spring’s luck. And beyond Tet, we maintain this welcome atmosphere every day. We hope that when passengers step into our terminal, they will immediately feel the fresh, friendly, and sincere ambiance at every touchpoint.



Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. May your journey be filled with ease and joy, always.

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