Advertise with us to strategically place your message in front of 3+ million passengers each year and dominate the competition.

At Da Nang International Terminal, we provide a wide range of creative advertising solutions to help you reach your target audience in the most effective way.


Why airport advertising?

Frequent flyers are typically business or family decision makers and comprise of 68% of total airport traffic. These and other passengers are a captive audience, having to pass through significant holding areas of the airport such as ticketing, security and baggage claims. Travelers often spend a significant amount of dwell time in the airport. The high dwell times and multiple exposures make for high frequency campaigns.


Why Da Nang International Terminal?

● Large captive audience & high traffic growth

Da Nang International Terminal connects you to large captive audience with astonishingly high growth rate. In 2017, more than 3 million of international passengers is expected to travel through Da Nang International Terminal each year. Since 2013, the average passenger growth rate has been about 60%, which is clearly a desirable rate for airports all over the world. Many new routes have been and will be opened, connecting Da Nang with more cities & nations and promising to bring more and more passengers to the city.


● Target the right audience

Whether you want to promote a global brand or you just own a small souvenir shop downtown, we are here to help you promote your image to your target audience. Your ads will catch the eyes of international visitors from the first moment they arrive at Da Nang, which is a key moment that influences their shopping and spending decisions during their stay in the city. Every dollar for marketing spent with us will be translated into visible benefits and profit.

Most passengers travelling back and forth through Da Nang International Terminal are tourists from top global shopper nations such as China, Korean, Japan, etc. If you target high-end consumers or just simply tourists, no where would be a better venue to reach these audience.


● Infrastructure your brand deserves

Da Nang International Terminal is a newly built terminal with modern infrastructure and aesthetic design, making it an ideal venue for you to place and promote your professional images. In other words, when advertising with us, your brands will not only be recognized and remembered but it will also be respected.


Advertise with us

● Wide range of creative advertising options

At Da Nang International Terminal, we provide you with flexible advertising options that best match your demand, from pillar billboard, LCD panel, LCD wall, LED backlit, ads on trolleys, ads on aerobridges to brochure and catalogs placement. All advertising positions and designs are considerately developed to make sure it will not only reach the highest percentage of passengers but also leave a strong impression on the minds of audience.


● Full support at any time

Our customer service team will be available at anytime to help you develop the best advertising plan. Not just providing an advertising space, we help you create a clear solution to get you close to your customers.


● Competitive rate

We aim to provide customers with the most competitive rate, contact us now to get quotations for different advertising packages.