Da Nang International Passenger Terminal, officially coming into operation on 19th May, 2017, has helped boosting the capacity of Da Nang International Airport by 6 million passengers per year and contributes to the vigorous development of tourism and economy of the city.

Tastefully designed with its roof in form of a seagull, Da Nang International Terminal is now becoming a new icon for the youthfulness and dynamism of Da Nang city – one of the most fantastic tourist destinations in Asia

Life is always exciting at Da Nang International Terminal, as every week, we host up to 500 international flights operated by 23 airlines to and from 25 destinations all over the world . We aim to make passenger journeys smoother, safer and more enjoyable through adopting modern technologies, upholding the strictest international safety standards and offering a wide range of shopping, dining and unwind services, all delivered by our passionate and dedicated staff.

Da Nang International Terminal – where your fantastic Da Nang experience begins!


  • 48.000 m2 floor area
  • 54 check-in counters
  • 10 boarding gates
  • 20 departure & 22 arrrival immigration counters
  • 04 baggage claim belts
  • Capacity: 1600 passengers / peak hour
  • 34 shops and 15 restaurants & cafe, 1 spa