To and From Airport


Tour Coach

If you arrive in Da Nang through a travel company, you just need to follow the instructions of the tour guide. In case you cannot find your tourist coach, you can contact the information desk at the public arrival hall for assistance or connect to the terminal's free wifi to contact your tour guide. Additionally, you can also locate the 45-seat parking area by referring to the terminal's signages.

After exiting the arrival hall, please proceed straight to reach the car parking area; the tourist coach parking area will be on your left sight.

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Taxis are available at the taxi stands just outside the arrival hall. After exiting the arrival restricted area, please walk straight ahead or refer to the signage at pillar number 3 - the public arrival area. You can easily locate the taxi pick-up location at the second car lane. Here, the staff members are available to assist you in contacting and booking a taxi.

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You can reach out to the following taxi companies:
Taxi Mai Linh – Tel: +84
Taxi Tien Sa – Tel: +84
VinaSun Taxi – Tel: +84 0236.
Hai Van Taxi – Tel: +84
Datranco Taxi – Tel: +84
Danang Taxi – Tel: +84

Please note:
Kindly refer to the taxi fare chart for specific routes that are already listed on the station's website or at pillar number 02 - the public arrival area. If your desired route is not listed on the taxi fare chart at the terminal, please inquire about the taxi fare with the staff members assisting you to ensure that you receive the most reasonable taxi fare.



At the terminal, you can catch the buses at pillar number 07, located in the ground floor - public arrival area. You can find more detailed information as follows:

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Operating Hours:
- Từ 05h00 đến 21h00 hằng ngày
Frequency of driving
- Waiting time in peak hour: 5 - 10 minutes/ trip waiting time in normal hour: 20 - 30 minutes/ trip
- Waiting time in peak hour: 5 - 10 minutes/ trip waiting time in normal hour: 20 - 30 minutes/ trip
Ticket price
- One-way ticket: 6,000 vnd per trip
- Normal monthly ticket: 130,000 vnd/ month
- Priority monthly ticket: 65,000 vnd/ month
Contact information:
- Hotline: +84 236.3711468
- Facebook: "Danabus - Xe buyt Da Nang"
- Website:
Da Nang Department of Transportation & Communications website:
Bus route
Out turn and return: Bus stop Xuan Dieu - Xuan Dieu - 3/2 - Dong Da - Le Loi - Le Duan - Dien Bien Phu - Nguyen Tri Phuong - Nguyen Van Linh - Da Nang International Airport (Nguyen Van Linh toll booth - internal road's interior lane on the ground floor of the International Terminal T2 - connecting road to Domestic Terminal T1 - internal road's outer lane on the ground floor of the Domestic Terminal T1 - internal road east of the car park) - Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Huu Tho - Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge - Dinh Gia Trinh - Van Tien Dung
- Nguyen Xuan Lam - Pham Hung - Pham Hung Bus stop.

On Foot

In case you are in the mood for a walk, follow the route as shown in the map below. With two main roads: Duy Tan or Nguyen Van Linh, approximately, it takes you over half an hour to reach Han River and more than one hour to arrive at the beach.



For technology taxi services such as Grab, GoJek, SM Green Taxi, and other similar options, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi in the terminal and download one of these apps to your smartphone. Then, follow the instructions to access various reliable transportation services, including both car and motorbike.
Pick-up location:
After exiting the arrival hall, you can proceed straight ahead or locate pillar number 03 - the public arrival area and follow the signs guiding you to the designated rideshare pick-up spot. You can easily find this location in front of the glass building at the parking area.

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Please note:
Ensure that you accurately confirm the booked vehicle and driver on your app. This will help you have a safe and ride that matches the fare displayed on the application.


The parking lot for cars, motorbikes, bikes as well as parking for people with disabilities is located directly opposite the terminal building. There you can find a car park link to reach the check-in hall with a less-than-5-minute short walk.



● Car parking lot (View map)

● Motorbike parking lot (view map)

Features and benefits

  • Safe and secure, CCTV in operation
  • Open 24/7.
  • No maximum height restrictions
  • Automatic number plate recognition technology
  • Short and long stay parking options available

Payment methods

There are two parking booths that correspond to the airport's entrance and departure (one on Nguyen Van Linh street and one on Duy Tan street). Fee payment will be made when you move from the airport to the area outside the airport. Accordingly, when the car moves to the toll booth, you will stop in front of the barrier so that the scanner can recognize the license plate and display the fee to be paid.
Currently, the payment system at toll booths only accepts cash (VND). Therefore, please ensure that you have prepared cash in advance before making the payment.

1/ For car: 

Parking fee is calculated based on type of vehicle and actual parking time, which is counted by automatic timing system.
- The 1st block is 1st 10 minutes
- Each subsequent 30 minutes is another 1 block
- Under 30 minutes is acccounted as 1 block

Specific fee is as below:

● Car under 9 seats, truck with 1,5 tons or less: 10.000 VND/block for the 1st 10 minutes; for each subsequent 30 minutes (block), it is 5.000 VND/block.
● Car over 9 seats - 16 seats, truck over 1,5 tons - 3,5 tons: 15.000 VND/block for the 1st 10 minutes; for each subsequent 30 minutes (block), it is 8.000 VND/block.
● Car from 17 seats - 29 seats, truck over 3,5 tons - 7 tons: 15.000 VND/block for the 1st 10 minutes; for each subsequent 30 minutes (block), it is 10.000 VND/block.
● Car over 30 seats, truck over 7 tons: 25.000 VND/block for the 1st 10 minutes; for each subsequent 30 minutes (block), it is 15.000 VND/block.

2/ For motorbikes, electric bikes and bicycle:

Parking fees for motorbikes and electric bikes are applied as follows:

● 3.000 VND/ 1st 4 hours
● 1.000 VND/each subsequent 2 hours

Parking fee for bicycle is 1.000 VND.

Transfer between Terminals

Da Nang International Terminal consists of two terminals: terminal 1 conducts domestic flights and terminal 2 conducts international flights.

Passengers making a connection that requires a terminal change, will need to exit the arrivals hall and walk to the other terminal through a covered corridor.

After exiting the arrival terminal, please turn right and walk along the connecting path between the International Terminal (T2) and the Domestic Terminal (T1). It may take you approximately 5 minutes to reach the Domestic Terminal.

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