You must have a valid passport and a visa (or Approval Letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department for a visa on arrival) to enter Vietnam. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay and you must have at least one blank visa page.


Visit the Embassy of Vietnam website for the most current information.

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Contact information:
• Website:
• Address: 78 Le Loi Street, Hai Chau District, Danang City
• Telephone number: 0694260192/ 0694260186
• Please contact the immigration officers at the terminal for further information


1. You must obtain an Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department before your trip to Da Nang

2. When you arrive in Da Nang, visit the Visa on arrival office located on the ground floor of the Terminal view map. View map

3. At the Visa on arrival office, get yourself an Application form for entry and exit visa, fill in the form and attach your photos.

4. Present your passport, Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department and your filled application form to immigration officers.

5. Pay visa fee and get the visa stamp.


1. Upon your arrival in Da Nang, please follow the directions of the 'arrivals' sign to reach the arrival immigration hall

2. Proceed through the automatic quarantine clearance system before completing the immigration procedures at the immigration counters. View map

3. Please queue in accordance with the instructions of the immigration officers.

4. If you are wearing a hat, mask, or sunglasses, please remove them so that the immigration officers can verify your face.

5. At the immigration counter, please present your boarding pass and valid passport.

6. The immigration officers will stamp your passport to confirm your entry. Please retrieve your passport and proceed to the baggage claim area.

Please contact the immigration officers at the terminal for further information


Automatic entry procedures

With the aim of providing passengers with the most convenient and smooth experience, Terminal 2 provides a system of automated immigration arrival gates in the immigration area on the ground floor. The automated immigration arrival gates allow passengers to complete immigration procedures themselves, featuring a user-friendly interface for ease of use. 

Passengers can find the automated immigration arrival gates located on the right side of the immigration area. (see map)

Procedure for going through the automated immigration arrival gates

Only Vietnamese passport holders are presently permitted to use automatic immigration lane upon arrival at Terminal 2, subject to a number of conditions. Location of the visa office at the immigration area on the ground floor (see map)
For further inquiries, kindly reach out to the immigration department's headquarters in Da Nang at the following contact:
• Website: or
• Address: 78 Le Loi Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
• Phone number: +84 932 595 996



1. After completing the immigration process, you can collect your baggage at the baggage conveyor belts in the arrivals area.

2. Please refer to the baggage conveyor belt information displayed in screen located behind the immigration area.  You can also look up information about your flight's baggage conveyor belt on the terminal's website (View)

3. Free baggage trolleys can be easily found nearby the baggage conveyor belts number 1, 2 , 3 and 4. 

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4. If you cannot find your oversized luggage (such as bicycles, surfboards, golf equipment, baby strollers, etc.) at the baggage conveyor belt, please pick it up at the oversized baggage claim area situated next to conveyor belt number 04 (view map)


Go to the Lost & Found counter in case of lost or damaged baggage. You can also contact the handling agent representing the airline you had travelled with. For your information:


If you travelled with AirAsia, Air Busan, Bangkok Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways, Jin Air, Thai AirAsia, T’way or Vietjet Air, their handling agent is SAGS, with 24/24 operating hours. Hotline:  0916 253 675 (View map).


Other airlines including Cambodia Angkor Air, Korean Air, Air Macau, HK Express, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, China Airlines or Vietnam Airlines is represented by the handling agent, VIAGS, with 24/24 operating hours also. Hotline: 0965 140 022 (View map).



Tax relief:

You can bring the following items to Vietnam free of tax within the below allowance:

1. Liquors, alcoholic beverages (applicable if you are 18 years old or older)

a) Liquors containing more than 22% alcohol by volume: 1.5 liters; b) Liquor containing below 22% alcohol: 2.0 liters; c) Alcoholic beverages, beers: 3.0 liters

2. Tobacco products ( applicable if you are 18 years old or older )

a) Liquors containing more than 22% alcohol by volume: 1.5 liters; b) Liquor containing below 22% alcohol: 2.0 liters; c) Alcoholic beverages, beers: 3.0 liters

3. Personal items:

Quantity and type must be relevant to the journey purpose.

4. Other items:

Total value is not allowed to exceed VND 10,000,000.

Duty-free concession

Visit and get a great deal at our arrival duty-free stores located at the baggage claim hall.

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Declaration & payment of taxes

Under the Vietnamese law, it is mandatory for arriving travellers to pay taxes to bring in cigarettes, tobacco products and all goods exceeding the duty-free concession and import tax relief.


If you're bringing in such products, you will need to make a declaration to the checking officer at the Red Channel (View map) as you exit the baggage claim area. It is an offence to proceed to the Green Channel (View map) with goods exceeding the duty-free concession and import tax relief.


For more details, please refer to General Department of Vietnam Customs


You are not allowed to bring the following items to Vietnam without proper authorisation:

Military weapons, arms and ammunition, explosive materials,firecrackers;

Second-hand consumer goods;

Reactionary, depraved or superstitious cultural products or those harmful to aesthetical or personality education;

Right-hand drive motor vehicles;

Used spare parts for vehicles, used internal combustion engines of less than 30 horsepower;

Discarded materials and waste;

Asbestos materials under the amphibole group;

Toxic chemicals under international treaties;


Certain types of children’s toys;

Arrival services


Taxi is one of the most common and easily accessible means of transportation at the airport. Meter taxis can be caught just outside the Arrival Hall. Furthermore, you may refer to different modes of transport.

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SIM cards

Object to smooth journey, we provide Sim Card services from the most reputable and high-quality mobile network operator. Passengers can buy SIM cards at any time at one of the seven Sim cards counters at the Baggage Claim Hall. 

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Currency exchange & banking services

At each foreign currency exchange counter at the terminal 2, passengers can exchange the following types of foreign currencies:
● AUD - Australian Dollar
● CAD - Canadian Dollar
● CHF - Swiss Franc
● EUR - Euro
● GBP - British Pound
● HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
● JPY - Japanese Yen
● KRW - Korean Won
● SGD - Singapore Dollar
● THB - Thai Baht
● USD - U.S Dollar

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The ATMs at the terminal 02 are situated in the public area of the ground floor in the Arrival Hall, and in the 2nd floor Check-in Hall, Entrance A. Passengers can withdraw cash and perform other financial transactions at these automated teller machines. Through this utility, the terminal contributes to creating favorable conditions for passengers to continue using financial services immediately after landing or before departure.

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Tourist information

The tourist information desk is located at the center, right next to the baggage claim hall. Here, passengers will be provided with:
• Free city maps
• Detailed information about the prominent cultural attractions in Da Nang
• Notable tourist destinations in Da Nang
• Information about exciting ongoing events in Da Nang
• Famous local culinary specialties
• Advice on convenient modes of transportation
And various other helpful information

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At the terminal, you can catch the buses at pillar number 07, located in the ground floor - public arrival area. You can find more detailed information as follows:

● Operating Hours:
- Từ 05h00 đến 21h00 hằng ngày
● Frequency of driving
- Waiting time in peak hour: 5 - 10 minutes/ trip waiting time in normal hour: 20 - 30 minutes/ trip
- Waiting time in peak hour: 5 - 10 minutes/ trip waiting time in normal hour: 20 - 30 minutes/ trip
● Ticket price
- One-way ticket: 6,000 vnd per trip
- Normal monthly ticket: 130,000 vnd/ month
- Priority monthly ticket: 65,000 vnd/ month
● Contact information:
- Hotline: (+84-236) 3711468
- Facebook: "Danabus - Xe buyt Da Nang"
- Website:
Da Nang Department of Transportation & Communications website:
● Bus route
Out turn and return: Bus stop Xuan Dieu - Xuan Dieu - 3/2 - Dong Da - Le Loi - Le Duan - Dien Bien Phu - Nguyen Tri Phuong - Nguyen Van Linh - Da Nang International Airport (Nguyen Van Linh toll booth - internal road's interior lane on the ground floor of the International Terminal T2 - connecting road to Domestic Terminal T1 - internal road's outer lane on the ground floor of the Domestic Terminal T1 - internal road east of the car park) - Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Huu Tho - Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge - Dinh Gia Trinh - Van Tien Dung
- Nguyen Xuan Lam - Pham Hung - Pham Hung Bus stop.

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CIP lounge

During the baggage claim waiting period, you have the opportunity to enjoy the use of the business class lounge services at Danang International Terminal. These lounges are equipped with amenities, modernity, luxury and sophistication along with many high-end services to create comfort and experience for passengers. (View more)

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